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After the World Cup, there are merchants selling sportswear opportunity after selling fake brand-name industry and commerce Chongwen repeatedly remediation decision There are "PUMA", "NBA" and other trademark goods nor sold illegal merchants may be cleaned up from the street out With immediate effect, the capital of well-known sporting goods Street, will not be re-sold nominal Adidas, Nike, NBA and well-known sports brand Puma four kinds of goods, otherwise businesses may be cleaned out to the streets, this is the reporter from the morning Chongwen Branch Trade and Industry was informed of. After the World Cup, with the fire sale of sports clothing and other goods, is located in Chongwen District Road sports stadium street, there are some businesses take the opportunity to sell fake brand-name sporting goods. As of the first half of this year, Chongwen Branch Trade and Industry has already accumulated a street sporting goods inspection 25, filing 19, confiscated infringing goods 850. Most of them are "ADIDAS", "NIKE", "NBA" and the "PUMA" trademark sportswear, sports shoes, with a fake finger and football. And these four kinds of well-known brands of trademark holders also reflect that, never to sports street traders authorized to sell any sporting goods, consum cheap air jordans ers only to those of brand-name stores to buy the corresponding genuine. "After a period of improvement, sporting goods sales of the infringing goods on a street phenomenon has been curbed. But we also found that individual selling are increasingly cunning, a rarity in the business staff after hours or on weekends, when to sell fakes. "Chongwen Commerce and Industry Bureau deputy director Hao Junqing said. Recently, Chongwen Branch Trade and Industry joint worship trademark advertising Branch Trade and Industry on the street outside a street sports were centralized inventory, found this street 84 no longer operates the vast majority of businesses in infringing goods, but there are two In the case of business can not produce qualified authorized, still selling merchandise with more than four kinds of brand names, industrial and commercial personnel on the spot has been withheld. To do this, Chongwen Branch Trade and Industry decided to ban street in sports nominal Adidas, Nike, NBA, and four kinds of well-known sports brand Puma merchandise. Chongwen Branch Trade and Industry Secretary Dong Qing said, then they will always spot sales of this street, once found merchants selling merchandise with these four kinds of trademarks, alleged trademark infringement will b cheap foamposites e investigated and punished, severely dealt with strictly until it is cleared Sports street. It is reported that, to this street merchant rental shops homeowners who currently has signed agreement with the merchant, as long as there are businesses selling behavior by industrial and commercial department, they will terminate the renting and selling businesses . It is understood that this is the city's first large-scale business sector regulation violations of well-known sporting goods brands order to encourage everyone to actively identify, but also in order to continue to fight against the fake, when the customer will continue to identify the year before the return of 10 yuan in cash. activity time: April 15th to April 1, 2015, for a period of two weeks activity rules: 1. in [when] customer identification identification release forum posts, the portal to _ identification area to; Identification of 2. posts must fill out the online shopping links (another forum 100 gold, and send) Order screenshots; 3. surveyor issued after the results of the identification, the need to complete the evaluation of goods online, and other shops in the evaluation of the evaluation of Taobao: its own evaluation + "when the guests identified as tr cheap air jordans online ue" or "when the guests identified as false"; 4. please refer to the "Alipay account + post address identification" format in a private letter to [when] after the completion of customer manager, after verification is true after we will give it to you in 3 days or so call money; (if negligence not timely payment, please do not stick to the private way, micro-blog WeChat qq360 we urge the all-round! Because today turned to check that private letter to find the last activity there are still missing, so if in the last haven't received 10 pieces of money friends please contact us! Bother you all!) to find when the guest manager, the mouse on the head, click on the short message reference 5. finally reiterated it again, the identification of the post in the shopping link + order screenshot + shop goods in the evaluation of the customer identification, are indispensable! We will seriously review the oh! * final interpretation of the right to return when the customer all, do not understand the place can be through the micro-blog "when the guest", WeChat "dunkhome" or the official QQ group "334035568" and other channels of consultation.Japan sports brand ASICS has brought a whole new JYUNI Black series. Use the simple wind to explain the hot wind. 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