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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [China] lost a beautiful shoe network disappears sneakers Technology (on) From the mid-1980s, NIKE will cushion implantation bottom shoes began, sports shoes Technology has entered a golden period of rapid development. In relying on science and technology to break the limit, to enhance athletic ability of thought, spare no effort to introduce major sports brands. Nearly 30 years, many novel ideas into our feet full of gimmicks new equipment, new technology to improve the performance of sports shoes, to enhance the capacity of our movement. But there are a lot of science and technology, for various reasons, abandoned the brand. Failed to follow down, it disappeared in the course of history. Let us count the current front two brands NIKE and Adidas sneakers Technology lost. NIKE Tuned Air NIKE air cushion has become synonymous with the end cushioning technology shoes, as the originator of cushioning technology until today plays the role of mainstay, its continuous innovation and reform is the key. From the initial hollow in the bottom of the charge air Air Sole development of simple to now Max Air, Zoom Air, Total Air, Vis Zoom and many other forms, which came out in 1998 Tuned Air (also known as TN Air) is the most special It is a form of the shortest life expectancy. at the time Max Air has been very mature, the new Zoom Air also popular backdrop, NIKE hope to develop a medium between the two, along with the ultimate cushioning and rapid reaction capability of air, So Max Air in similar large-capacity gas chamber implanted a chain of thermoplastic material hemispherical balloon, use higher pressure inside the hemisphere and the toughness of a better cushion for cushioning can be adjusted to provide a more stable while both cushioning performance feedback with. Tuned Air shoes in the end to enhance the performance can be described as a big success, when the representative of Air Big Flyer and Air Garnett III have become a big selling classic style. However, due to the high costs and the impact of future technology hot Shox, NIKE soon abandoned this niche, personalized cushion technology. Although last year launched NIKE Air Ma cheap jordans for sale x TN 10th running shoes, but only the 10th anniversary of the significance of this technology, no new products launched in the field of basketball shoes. NIKE Morf Lift NIKE Morf may be a lot of shoes, fans talking, but talking about the "shoe shoe" we may immediately be able to think of the birth in 1999 of Air Pippen V, Air Zoom GP III and Air Kidd three shoes, Morf technology is only short-lived blip on these 3 products. In fact, the design was first shoe Converse sneakers on their use of helium, but will soon be abandoned. And now I also do not understand why NIKE then take the others down the road a proved failure, perhaps in pursuit of grandiose design that era, eye-catching gimmick than an actual function in the market more attractive. You can even extend the life of the shoes by replacing the jacket, but the jacket and the boots isolated existence design born poor stability flawed. Intense movement inside the sliding shoe boots can cause serious stability problems, and can not solve the problem of heavy shoes. Based on these two Morf technology proved unsuitable designed for basketball shoes, NIKE will soon be abandoned. NIKE Impax 2004 ?? NIKE no precursor to launch an innovative midsole cushioning technology Impax, the purpose of this research and development of technology inevitably some embarrassment - make up for deficiencies Shox technology. After Shox technology through the early hot, because the poor stability of the defect at the time suffered criticism, NIKE shock from ancient vaulted principle was inspired by the shape of the elastic material is playing with a transverse hole, the resettlement In the shoes of heel, so that the formation of a number followed by arch structure, the use of elastic deformation of the structure itself to cushion the impact of the movement, which is Impax works. This technique because material, process is relatively simple, low cost, mainly used in the end product, known as "cheap Shox". But the actual feeling of wearing Shox is not much difference, but also did not solve too high off the ground, poor stability, such as excessive weight problems, appearance is not pleasing, eventually abandoned the fi jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black eld of NIKE basketball shoes, running shoes just in product on occasionally to see. adidas HUG dimensional embracing technology In many short-lived sports shoes science and technology, the most short-lived is probably the 2004 launch of the adidas HUG surrounded by three-dimensional technology, because there are many fatal flaws of this technology, will only apply in a screeching on T-mac 4 pair of shoes mindful of. Whatever the outcome, of course, the original intention of each technology research and development unit is active. Adidas designers get inspiration from the ski boot, we designed the shoe laces HUG This omission locking technology. Use the rope to the upper and heel cover knob locking system linking followed by adjusting the locking knob to adjust the tightness of the upper cover wrap material, thereby enabling every wearer can get for their parcel extent. Equipped with this technology T-mac 4 pair shape the future of mechanical boots style, followed by the metal bracket and locking knobs complex very brisk. However, the actual use of the process has a lot of problems, the first is the use of this complex mechanical systems are seriously overweight weight of shoes, for T-mac 4 guard such shoes in terms of cause fatal; upper cover will be built in motion rubs the foot, while the upper lock parcel after parcel of the lack of flexibility of traditional shoelaces, unable to better adapt to the feet of the action in motion, resulting in the case wrapped too tight or too loose; and the whole series of mechanical devices Jiaogan perfect pair of shoes, inadequate cushioning and flexibility ...... In short, full of gimmicks HUG system is not suitable for use in the field of basketball shoes, basketball requires flexibility on the feet and the feet of skiing locking requirements must be diametrically opposite, failure HUG technology is perhaps doomed from the start. adidas Feet You Wear "natural feet" Speaking of disappearing sneakers technology, perhaps most regrettable is that the shoes Adidas fans had signs Feet You Wear "natural feet" technology of. A few years in the late 1990s of the last century, both use a "natural feet" technology shoes, foamposites for cheap outsole with unprecedented style, strongly stimulate our optic nerve. After several years of evolution, the human foot shape proved to be the most suitable for the movement of natural "equipment", "natural feet" technology is the use of bionics, the shoe outsole fight human-like foot shape , using the most natural way to provide the desired motion cushioning, stability, protection and other needs. The shape of shoes and therefore appear independent, highly visual impact, when the generation idol player Kobe Bryant's endorsement will make success "natural feet" technology even more powerful, with three generations before Bryant signature shoes and Walker as the representative of Real Deal double the number of "natural feet" shoes have become a future classic. Helpless "natural feet" technology is not Adi own patents, after the patent expiration of the contract, Adidas can not re-introduce the "natural feet" shoes up. In this way, the appearance and performance are very good "natural feet" technology regrettable disappeared. adidas A3 Today we are talking about adidas A3 (also known as A Cube) technology is only for the initial form, the latter because of a complete change of A3 Structure morphology has become another independent cushioning technology. When the new millennium NIKE Shox technology was an instant sensation, let the old rival Adidas also began to explore this material mechanical cushioning technology. Soon they will have their own technology in this field --adidas A3, an elastic rubber to create the cube shape of the heel cushioning technology. First pair of shoes using this technology adidas A3 Basketball's inception, people wonder which is similar to the shape of the heel Shox, Shox column followed by a round into a cube A3, the cube slow shock unit gap between the material elastic deformation provides a space for the use of this deformation and compression impact mitigation exercise. Adi this new technology works really similar Shox, but has its own characteristics on morphology. As Shox technology from the heel to test the water and then develop the same way as the whole palm, Adidas has launched a full charge A3 shoes adidas A3 Super jordan shoes online sale star Ultra in 2003, moderate hardness with a full charge of A3 adiPRENE veteran of very good technical performance. But soon he was exposed due to heel off security risks and recall the message, make a big blow to A3 technology. Adi then transform the technology, evolved into the technology of today's A3 Structure, traditional A3 also gone.engraved regular in the Air Jordan 3 in this year also have a new action, launched the "Wolf Grey" grey wolf color, the gray upper collocation classic burst ornamentation, the more special is bursting with a black and silver pattern to create, quite eye-catching. This item: 136064-004, expected release date: July 19th. 2014-5-18 upload and download attachments at 10:25 (227.61, KB) 2014-5-18 upload and download attachments at 10:25 (212.38, KB) 2014-5-18 upload and download attachments at 10:25 (201.48, KB) 2014-5-18 upload and download attachments at 10:25 (195.51, KB) from Alexander McQueen, full of artistic sense of personality and inspiration in life, PUMA x McQ joint series has always been revealed rebellious spirit, 2016 autumn and winter new products are no exception. The series that uses black as the main hue no longer attracts attention by color, but instead wins by bold design. Reflective and metal elements, uppers, cork and other unconventional materials and the use of superior leather, bring the perfect effect of the collision between the fashionable tip and the retro futuristic feeling. The full range will be landing in November 5th brand stores. Remember in the "air", "aunt Larry" dunk Johnson basketball talent stolen alien monster Bupkus? Recently, Converse takes it as a color inspiration, to create a special color for Larry Johnson Aero Jam. Purple suede upper with tonal collocation details and crystal bottom, perfect texture also reflects the design inspiration.The Converse Aero 1.jpg (59.42 KB, download number: 0) download Converse Aero Jam "Bupkus", "aunt 2014-11-27 10:46 upload 2.jpg (59.32 KB, download number: 0) download Converse Aero Jam "Bupkus", "aunt 2014-11-27 10:46 upload 3.jpg (43.71 KB, download number: 0) download Converse Aero Jam "Bupkus", "aunt 2014-11-27 10:46 upload 4.jpg (40.4 KB, download number: 0) download Converse Aero Jam "Bupkus", "aunt 2014-11-27 10:46 upload 5.jpg (72.45 KB, download number: 0) download Converse Aero Jam "Bupkus", "aunt 2014-11-27 10:46 upload 6.jpg (68.75 KB, download number: 0) download Converse Aero Jam "Bupkus", "aunt 2014-11-27 10:46 upload 7.jpg (68.19 KB, download number: 0) download Converse Aero Jam "Bupkus", "aunt 0house-of-hackney-x-puma-r698-evo-midnight-garden-palm-pack-2.jpg (124.05 KB, download number: 0) download House Of Hackney x PUMA R698 Evo Midnight Garden & Palm 2015-5-19 09:47 uploadalso has a new design of the shoe will be on sale in the black five shopping carnival, from UBIQ and Shadow Master Saucony joint cooperation. Although Saucony Shadow Master is not a brand of a few other retro running shoes, has many fans and appearances. But the shadow master craze, starring is simply amazing, bright yellow and red color combination is very eye-catching, as if sunset sky. It is reported that the shoes are priced at $140 dollars, plans to officially on sale in November 28th, like the friends please pay attention. we only to have the news, we are approximately spherical artifact, micro channel "attention" DUNKHOME and slams the service number left angle about? Brother? source: sneakernewsReviewed by Emperor again today via network channels drying out a pair of new color of Air Jordan 11, the designers use a black snakeskin pattern replaces the classic patent leather, the use of gold on the details, "72-10" color and at the end of the sale compared to the texture of the shoes better. But recently exposed figure of the Air Jordan 11 has subverted our classic had some of its traditional values, I do not know whether this is the Jordan Brand sneaker can get the majority of the welcome that? UNDFTD x CONVERSE Pro Leather Mid Eastbay 2013-12-08 22:41:02 CONVERSE has landed with a number of fashion brands recently conducted joint cooperation, which also includes the well-known brand UNDFTD. Two giants trend to Pro Leather modeled upper with a suede fabric material to build, to create a retro flavor. Today, these shoes have landed famous shopping site Eastbay, like a friend not to miss. Jordan Brand means to make money is really very rich, Air Jordan 3 OG'88 sale earlier in the circle has long been regarded as a sneaker fetish, and the brand is also willing to carry out the above means other shoe, a few days ago the network news brand will be fully re-exposed in the next year engraved Air & nbsp; Jordan 4 OG'89 "white cement", the shoes will be in full compliance with the form of the first year of sale. According to the channel emperor disclose the sale price of $ 220-250, but the amount available for sale and not too much, I think we will are going to be a fight. adidas Originals 2014 Spring "Oil Spill" series debut 2014-02-24 21:03:42 adidas Originals has launched for the 2014 spring quarter a brand new & nbsp; & nbsp; "Oil Spill" series of footwear. Series includes the & nbsp; the Enforcer, Tech Super and the year engraved grand Stan Smith three models, designers using advanced Italian leather to create the series of footwear shoes, strong floodlight effects to create an extremely colorful visual luxury effect. It is reported that & nbsp; adidas Originals & nbsp; "Oil Spill" series will officially visit from February 1st major stores color recently, Adidas Originals specifically for ZX Flux series introduced a variety of color design, this brings a new "Weave" series. The series mainly uses the latest brand Weave weaving technology to form the retro contour of ZX FLUX, which is the crystallization of the combination of science and technology. It is reported that the series will be landing in March 29th brand gate shop, like friends can pay more attention to! / Adidas Originals ZX 710 a retro new color design? Rainbow netted more conspicuous / Gourmet Libero new color design : a comment on a Adidas / Originals retro ZX 710 new color design a more conspicuous reticulate? Rainbow / Gourmet Libero new color design Nike Air super popular shoes; Huarache Utiliry extension; innovation version's new show hot cited the potential release of the "Pure this Platinum" color, cheer for the autumn and winter of this year. Use mesh and chloroprene rubber shoe body combination, with snow camouflage patterned black uppers, supplemented by 3M reflective wave details highlight the "Utility" position, and retains the heel plastic bracket, a continuation of Huarache finally improved after blood, equipped with antiskid shoe bottom. Currently available at , Titolo , and other designated retailers, priced at $179 us dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! 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